Monoglycerides are present in emulsifiers known as mono and diglycerides that are made from fats and oils.  These emulsifiers are GRAS, oil soluble and vary in performance by the ratio of monoglycerides, diglycerides and triglycerides.  Different fats have different fatty acid profiles that affect performance as well.  Mono and diglycerides are available as flakes, beads, liquids or pastes.

Monoglycerides have a variety of applications. They can be found in bread, cake shortenings, margarines, ice cream & whipped toppings, coffee whiteners and polymers.  When used in bread, monoglycerides immediately provide bread softening properties and improve slice-ability.  For cake shortenings, monoglycerides improve cake aeration, product cell size, shelf life and also aid in keeping cakes moist.  In margarines and spreads, monoglycerides are used for stabilization.

Alphadim and BFP are two of Caravan Ingredients' product lines that use monoglycerides.

Alphadim provides structure and excellent mouthfeel in cooked products containing starch.  It also provides the same characteristics when incorporated into foods at ambient temperatures, providing benefits to manufacturing.

BFP improves texture and shelf life in cakes, margarine, ice cream and coffee whiteners by emulsifying fat and preventing starch crystallization.

The choice of a particular monoglyceride will depend on the application and performance required.

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